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The Melanin King Project

Band :
Title : The Melanin King Project
Release Date : August 12, 2015
Label :
Format : Digital Download



All proceeds from this album are donated directly to the Swaliga Foundation (501(c)3) toward its STEAM educational initiatives for children from Washington, D.C. to South Africa.This album is the sound track to a short film that tells the story of 2 tribes fighting for their lives in a war that has continued for generations; as they struggle without any knowledge of their history. Each song represents a different scene as the story unfolds. The characters are based on the Mali Empire of 1320 AD at the height of Mansa Musa’s reign. The purpose of the project is to allow Hip Hop Music and Culture to help bridge the gap between America and the African continent, while focusing on the powerful melanin chemical that unites us globally.

Stream this album for FREE at on Purchase it today to always have with you, and to support the ongoing community educational initiatives for students from Washington, D.C. to South Africa.

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